All Saints Sale – Dresses

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OOOOHHHH!!! Here we are one of my favourite times of year in case I can pick up a bargain in my fave stores!

I thought I would share a few pics of my favourites in the All Saints Sale and then, because there was a particular dress I wanted, I went straight to the dresses and wanted so many that I’ve decided to do a post about the dresses!

You’ll probably see a theme in look and style as it is my taste but they are definitely worth looking at.  Some of them are even under the £90 mark which is often what I try to pay in the sale.

These all look amazing I will need to decide which to order!


The original dress I was looking for is the one below.  It’s the Kaddi Mini dress.  I saw this online a while ago in the 30% off sale but wanted to see it in the store and my local stores didn’t have it.  It is down to £89.

Kaddi Mini Dress

Obviously the off the shoulder look is in which leads me to my next selection.  The Bernt Open Shoulder Dress (priced at £103) looks really classy and would be great in the winter by the looks too!

Bernt Open Shoulder Dress

Next on the list is slightly less edgy and a classic knit sweater dress look the Char Jumper Dress does have a slightly higher price point at £124 but it is Cashmere!

Char Jumper Dress

The Elis Cowl Dress is a really reasonable price of £68 really easy style to wear.

Elis Cowl Dress

The last selection I’ve wanted for a short while although I admit compared to some above it isn’t that impressive and could look like workwear or a funeral outfit – it’s the Edge Longsleeve dress and is £75.

Edge dress



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