Bag A Beauty Bargain At TK Maxx

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I love TK Maxx – I do admit sometimes it feels like you rummage around for hours and come out with nothing but other times I’m in the shop for five minutes and am over ran with things that have caught my eye!

Last week before meeting a friend for coffee I had a quick peek in TK Maxx at Team valley.  Not a store I frequent a lot – although that might now change.

I luckily had to leave just as I was picking up a Michael Kors dress so I checked the price was too much for me (although still an outstanding bargain) dropped it and ran lol – that wasn’t before I had a quick gander at the beauty section and spotted a few things I thought I would share!

Nails Inc is one of my favourite brands and I often pick up a box set from TK Maxx or even separate polishes I find tucked away.  I have a fabulous Alexa Chung box set I got for by birthday last year and I love it.  Was quite impressed to see these two sets available at such a good price.
These are 6 full size polishes for just under £20.  I love the second set the middle red polish is actually small red hearts in a clear polish.

Another good spot was Burberry Body Gold Limited edition body cream originally £44 you could pick it up at £19.99

If you are looking for cute things for Christmas this Stila gift is ideal.

It’s only £7.99 and ideal for younger girls or if you’re like me and really girly when it comes to make up palettes it would be great.

I must admit I haven’t been one for Bare Minerals make-up I have never used mineral makeup as I like a heave coverage but my final product seemed like a good set and an OK price if it was a brand and products you liked and used. It is still £29.99, but having bought that brand for a friend in the past it seems OK the box contains 8 items.

If you have a TK Maxx near you don’t let the vast amounts of Lavendar and unknown brands fool you! Look through the health and beauty section and see what you can find – it might be worth it!  I definitely recommend if you have more than one store near by visiting them all every now and again just to see the different stock. (Big Tip – I don’t think I have ever managed to leave their Leeds store empty handed!)


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