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I love a brand that is about more than themselves and contributes to things to make an impact in the world and… many of you know – I love a good journal lol

Yes I have a little bit of a habit when it comes to stationary and journals and things but that’s ok, and I would feel a lot less guilty about it by purchasing from BASELINE dot.

BASELINE dot believe in educating children and the power that that has to be able to break the cycle of poverty.  One year of schooling can increase earnings by 10%!  Every purchase of a journal from BASELINE dot goes to Empower A Child UK

“Empower a Child believes education is the key to changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities. Empower a Child believes in a holistic approach to reaching the children and youth of Uganda and Kenya. Empower a Child ensures the children are attending school daily, receiving meals at school, and have the schoolbooks, pens, and pencils needed for their education. The program also provides for the basic needs of the children, such as blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets, shoes, and soap. Each child receives provision for any medical needs that arise. Above providing for basic needs and education, Empower a Child also believes in meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the children and youth.”

There are only a few products on the site at the moment but my favourite is the “Hope” journal

I love hardback journals this one is £12

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