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In Australia I was wearing a cute little top from ASOS it was a very simple blue sleeveless T Shirt with white writing on it.  Walking along Circular Quay in Sydney with a friend, two ladies we didn’t even know, pointed over and commented when I walked past.  they loved the top and more importantly what it said.  They completely agreed about the slogan “Surround yourself with positive people” I liked that it brought a little cheeriness, made them think and gave me an opportunity to say hello!

I don’t often buy things with slogans on, and it was only recently that I bought my first top from conference I was at.  That was a cool “Wear Love Out” top from Cherish Conference and I wear it often – to be honest I bought it more for the style than the slogan the sleeves are really cool!  Then at Colour Conference in Sydney I bought an amazing vest with a Lion on and the work “Conquer” at the back.

If you follow Charlotte Gambill on Instagram you will have seen the countdown and today that the “Be A Nice Human” website has launched.  On one of the countdown images I saw a lovely candle so have been waiting to check it out.  Plus there may be another top with cool sleeves like the one I got at Cherish!

I’ve popped over to the  site today to have a browse and see what it’s all about.  I absolutely love the slogan “Kindness is always in fashion. Style is contagious. Truth is beautiful.”  The About page on the site talks through the whole concept as we are encouraged to “Be A Nice Human” and take it into our world encouraging other to do the same.

The first section I looked at was the Home Decor section to look at the candle and I love it.  Its fig tree scented (yum!) and black with white branding “Into the darkness she took her light”  at the bottom of the page there was a link to a t shirt branded the same, and, although I sound like I’m a little obsessed now, it had a nice style sleeve!  I really like the batwing sleeve and the branding and it is only £20 so I will be adding this to my wishlist!

There is another long sleeve T I like as well (I don’t need to say it has a batwing sleeve lol)

Why don’t you pop over to the Be A Nice Human Site read what they are all about and see if there is anything you fancy!

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See anything you fancy?  Let me know if you buy anything!

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