Black Friday Bargains: Kiko

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For those of you who follow my instagram account (@racheljobesdotcom) you may have seen my post about Kiko Cosmetics and their Black Friday deals.  Online they were offering 30% off and in store… wait for it.. it was a fab buy 3 get 3 free offer.

Bearing in mind I needed black mascara and new foundation and I was wondering about trying purple mascara I thought that was an amaxing offer and so off I went.

I could not believe the queues and could hardly move in the shop but after a short while I managed to snag my purchases.  I struggled with what I would get for my last two items and bearing in mind the eyeshadows were behind three people deep lines I headed to the lipsticks, after all a girl can never have too many of those!

Here are a few pics of my bargains I am really looking forward to trying the foundation.  Since Benefit discontinues PlayStix I am really struggling – I am currenlty using Loreal True Match and I must admit it is a reasonable price (about £12) and I have had lots of comments since wearing it but I would like to see if there is anything thats a slightly heavier covering and quanitity wise lasts longer – just over a month and my Loreal is nearly out.  I am definitely sticking to the cream to powder formula I think thats why Play Stix worked so well so I will let you know how I get on!

Luxurious Lashes Mascara


I can’t wait to try the purple Super Colour Mascara along with the Intense Colour Eyeliner


I absolutely love the lipstick packaging and the choice of colours was amazing I had a job choosing, I think the velvet mat shade was a little brave for me but hey if I cant have a bold lip over christmas when can I!!! The luminous chrome lipstick is a similar shade as I currently wear I imagine I will use it quickly, plus lets face it it’s pink and silver packaging is super cute!!!

Did anyone else snap up a bargain at Kiko? What are your favourite products you would recomend? I got all 6 items for £26 what an absolute bargain!!!

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