Blog Hosting – How I figured it out!


So… I had decided on my site name and know I wanted a site

WordPress is a common blogging platform – I used a self-hosted site already for Style me Up (at the time that was based purely around the fact that I wanted my own domain name and didn’t want it to end  I decided to use the same for this site especially as I had got rather excited about some of the Themes available.  If you want further information on versus – I read this article from I also throughout this whole process referred a lot to Michael Hyatt’s website.  I came across Michael Hyatt at church doing some leadership stuff and used his Life plan.  His website is brilliant and if I do decide to actually publish the ebook I am writing I will be using his site to help with that.  The posts are simple and very well written and his knowledge in the subject is clear.

Style Me Up was hosted by a friend on some servers he has – this time I would look to pay for hosting from a company when I purchase the domain name – now … I know I have mentioned before that I work in IT … but I genuinely cannot tell you how none technical I am.  People liken me to Jen from The IT Crowd although I have never seen it.  I got my previous domain name from but had heard from 2 or 3 people now not to use them for price or customer service.

My brother recommended Cloud Next and a friend recommended 123-reg I looked at these sites and had a few thoughts straight away.

Eh? Was one of them and what the heck was the other!

On a serious note, first impressions were:-

  • for Cloud next I need a degree in webby stuff (not Spiderman related) to understand it FTP’s and SQL’s and things make me think it is all very complicated.
  • For 123-reg it looked simple and basic and as though it would be very easy

I looked into 123 a bit more, for that reason and found a page about wordpress hosting – this sounded ideal very easy to install and meant for my solution and starting at £4.16 excluding VAT – I (incorrectly!) thought it must be cheap because everything is done by WordPress and they basically house it!  Long story short after a few days reading google and talking to my brother I nervously thought I just wanted to bite the bullet and order to get the ball rolling.  I added something to the basket in 123 with my domain name and low and behold it appeared as £59.88 a year – I had been figuring on £25/30 a year so quickly decided to research a little more.

Michael Hyatt has a very good blog post and video about self-hosted word press blogs and again the site format and post structure of these posts really make me feel safe following them – something very definite to bear in mind when hosting a website of any kind – purpose and audience!  I assumed and made opinions on Cloud next and 123 and even I dare say on Michael Hyatt’s site based on aesthetic appearance and post structure!

This bought my attention to Blue Host – I was slightly nervous about because they are based in the US.   They do 24/7 support though and are one of only three hosts that WordPress themselves are happy to endorse.  I read a few posts and had a look and thought Blue Host would end up being about £30 a year if I went for 3 year subscription.  I would be happy with that price and 3 years is a long enough time to allow me to almost start from scratch with a new domain name and establish an engaged readership.  Again the Blue Host site and my trust of Michael Hyatt blog instilled a confidence in the product and the brand that would have meant a willingness to pay more for what I expect to be quality.

I registered my domain and web hosting with Blue Host.  I paid upfront for a whole three years this was $170 (which is £109 so approximately £36 a year), but knowing I have the work payoff coming makes me feel OK about that.


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