Breaking busy

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For 2017 I decided I would try reading the book a month that I’ve always wanted to push myself to do.

January started with me reading On Form (which I am still reading) and a book called Breaking Busy which I read on my kindle and finished in the space of just over a week.  (You see what you can do with your time when you have a social media fast!)

The blurb about a crazy busy life and feeling like you aren’t succeeding and things struck me when I ordered the book and ironically I had never found the time to read it.  Recently getting used to new roles in church and a new job and getting a life coach to try and help me with my habits and lifestyle I wanted to make this book a priority.  So often we glorify busy ad we are in search for this extra capacity and do you know what … the extra capacity never comes – we always want more.

This book was such an easy read I liked Alli’s style and the fact she was refreshingly honest and that I could relate to lost of the things she was saying was a bonus.  If you are wanting a book that will help you practically as well as give you plenty to think about this will be it.  Each chapter is finished off with some helpful Action Steps that you can take.

Alli is a business woman and married mother of 5 so she knows a thing about busy – I like the fact she acknowledged our busy would look different without dismissing our own busy.  So often if you don’t have kids it is assumed you can’t be tired or busy – that’s rubbish we actually just do different things with our time but it doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t busy or just as tired from those other things.

She covers topics like striving and people pleasing, and chapters on worth and communication make the book an all rounder and to be honest I thought a few times it would be a useful read even if you weren’t trying to #BreakBusy.


Breaking busy also means adding in space, time, and energy to take care of yourself

Setting boundaries in our lives is the only way to ensure we stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually

What you say no to determines what you say yes to

and finally

Here’s the thing about breaking busy.  Sometimes it calls for tough choices, for making drastic changes even in the places where you’ve been highly successful

If you’re interested in creating healthy habits, getting a little more brain capacity / space / time (delete as appropriate and it’s ok if you need all three!!!) or if you’re just into bettering yourself … for the amount of time it will take to read this and how easy it is to absorb I definitely recommend picking it up and seeing what you get out of it.

I’m now on target for finishing “On Form” about managing energy (can you spot a theme lol) and am also reading another book on kindle.  I much prefer paper books and a fine liner to highlight the key bits but for in the bath or when I’m out and about reading a kindle one at the same time is ok – I’d love by the end of January to have finished three books – who knows I might even drastically change my social media habits once the fast is over if I get that many books read!

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