Cheesy Chorizo Chicken & Spinach

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As if… Cheesy Chorizo Chicken & Spinach is something I’ve cooked!!!

On Saturday I realised that along with lack of sleep my sedentary lifestyle was getting the better of me, and talking about eating healthy and buying some extra vegetables wasn’t really going to cut it if I want to loose a few pounds and tone up, AND more importantly if I wanted to feel energised and awake and to function better… so … I bought a Lean In 15 cookbook.

I have followed the best of these guys Betty Rocker on Facebook, Kayla bless her I follow then unfollow back and forth – I’ve been following @Thebodycoach Joe Wicks for a while and the meals look amazing and do genuinely look like they take 15 minutes (please note to the other well known chefs that say 15 minutes and they mean 45!)

I love HIIT type workouts in groups so thought I may try his workouts and food and see how I go.

Tonight was the food test! I love chicken and Chorizo so this reduced carb meal was a goer! Although I have to say most pages are tabbed as “must try” recipes!

The experience of shopping was funny having never ate spinach (unless it came in the form of an Indian take away) never mind bought it, and the pine nuts took some time to find but I bought everything I needed and two bottles of flavoured water.  The bill did come to £12.99 but I have a chicken breast, spinach, loads of cherry tomatoes, half an onion, 1/3 ball of mozzarella and nearly all of a bag of pine nuts to use for later.  That is a lot of money but it does two meals (or helps fill your store cupboard) so I decided to reserve judgement on cost until I had a) tasted it and b) had enough meals to have a healthy store cupboard (that means it won’t be every single item of ingredients I’m buying!)

Anyway…I set the timer and started.  I flustered a bit at first, but, while the Chorizo was frying I cut the chicken and onion while onion was frying I got stuff out the fridge and things.

The recipes are short and easy to follow I didn’t totally weight things except for the Chorizo.  It comes to something if I’m willing to throw things in!

The only variances I made was not cooking the tomatoes (that’s gross hot tomatoes man!) and less than a ball of mozzarella. I have never bought or cooked mozzarella and didn’t know if all of the balls were the same size (as if I’ve just typed that ooo errr ?) but I thought if I used it all it would be too much.

It smelled amazing.

I stopped the timer… Well done Mr Wicks!

I dished up, flung some pine nuts on a plate and took a picture


It tasted good … it actually tasted better than good … for someone who wasn’t sure on spinach or mozzarella (and wanted a bigger portion!)

I honestly am so pleased with myself – my excuse for not cooking has gone because this truly was quick and it is healthy so even without following a strict regime and planning 15 meals a week and things if I start eating these meals regularly and throw in some exercise I’m bound to see a difference!

I would call this a resounding success!

Have you got any of the Lean in 15 books? What are your favourite recipes? Let me know…

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