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When you self-host a domain you can use customisable themes to get the look and feel of what you want.  There are free themes (which I used for Style Me Up) and premium themes.

I had to ask the difference between the two or more ask about what you get for the fee.  It is about flexibility in the design and customisation and possibly also in the number of features.  Feedback on twitter is also that that code would be guaranteed to be devoid of any hidden malware.

I didn’t originally start looking for free themes I searched a number of different things on google including:

  • Fashion wordpress themes
  • Feminine wordpress themes
  • Lifestyle blog themes

I compiled a short list of Themes to consider and left it a few days.  I then opened the preview pages of all of the themes and clicked through them.  Bearing in mind the things I wrote about in “How I Started My Blog Redesign” there was a first glance feeling I wanted.  The one that stood out the most, the one that reminded me of me and would do well for any genre and look almost corporate / professional.

My shortlist is below:

Obviously now you are reading this you will know my chosen theme was John Does blog and I have to say I absolutely love it.  Clean and minimalist and this is where I sound absolutely ridiculous it reminded me of my apartment! Knowing the painstaking lengths I went through to decorate that and make it my own I thought it was a good sign.  I loved that it was viewable in different browsers and on mobile devices (the IT Service manager coming out in me there!)

I had some hesitation that it may not be girly enough (but saw a screenshot incorporating a nice pink / peach colour) and I did wonder if it may not be fashion / style related so people may have trouble in knowing what my blog was all about.

I have to say from buying and downloading the theme I have, with no HTML or CSS knowledge, had no issues at all in the way of errors, I have written on the support forum asked a question and got an answer and have managed to change style and font sizes myself, added a menu and other bits and bobs.  The author and support on the forums is fantastic I always get an answer and manage the amendments I wanted.

I love the theme and feel it represents me very well, the colour I have chosen, I think makes it feminine.

I thought some of the others were too girly in a childish way that may not represent me if I do eventually launch an ebook and some were a little too serious.

I am thinking over a few things specifically:

  • My images the need for sharp professional images heading posts.
  • How to keep the fashion focus or increase the overall content (quality and quantity) in other areas

I’d really love to know what you think of the design?  Any thoughts on keeping the fashion focus?

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