Clothes Show 2015: Emerging Designers Show

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I havent yet shared photo’s from the Fashion Theatre at The Clothes Show (there are a lot and I’m deciding how best to do it!) In the meantime I thought I would share the pics from the Emerging Designers Show at the Olympus Pen Style Studio.

IMG_6741.JPGPresented by none other than Hilary Alexander OBE (I was entirely geeking out!) the show highlights 6 emerging designers shortlisted from around the UK.  Was lucky enough to get front row seats to this (and even snagged a Clothes Show goodie bag coz Hilary had the same (rather fabulous) necklace as me!)

First up was Dan He (London College of Fashion)  A cohesive collection of neutrals with exagerated shaping.

This next outift was a favourite of mine the fabric really stood out and I loved the cropped yet layered aspect of the top.

This next one initially reminded me of the whole skort thing of theearly 00’s I had so many outfits that were skirts over trousers, obviously we are seeing a resurgence now to some degree with the leggings and dresses, I’m not sure this works for me I couldnt decide if it was the legnth or the shape of the coulottes that made them not suit being over full legnth trousers the top was nice but jury is still out I think.

I absolutely loved this long line jacket – totally loved the detail!

The second designer was Kate Brittain (University of Westminster) I can think of a few people I know who would have loved these designs! Although not my personal taste the work was incredible a very different collection to the first in terms of colour, shape and texture. Very bold and a fun feel definitely.

From Kate’s selection this next one was favourite (anything remotely aysemetric and I’m in!) loved the shaping of the whole thing!

Robyn Moynes (Norwich University of The Arts) was next up with surprisingly wearable dresses and a lustworthy fur bag!


Iabsolutely love the stole!

Here is a better look at it!

Here’s that lustworthy bag we were talking about!

I would have this whole next outfit and wear it tomorrow I love it!!! In fact I might go and find me a fur bolero or bomber for this season!

Hats off (and purses out) for the next collection Katrina Wilson (Birmingham City University) I loved this – thought it was a standout I would never mix florals and stripes but it totally worked.  The fabrics and way they fit and flowed was fabulous.  (Props also go out as I could easily find a website to link to while I was rushing!)

Boom Baby!!! (even with the skirt legnth I never personally choose) I love this!!!

I surprise myself, but hey if thats not what fashions all about! this overjacket is fab I’d wear it the shape is great it could be work casusal or dressy and yea – who knew stripes and florals?!?!

Absolute fave – bang on trend and love the colours and shape the different fabric works too!

This blazer to be added to my wardrobe please?

Chloe McGeehan (University of Westminster) bold colours


The last show was courtesy of Victoria Miller (Norwich University of The Arts) This show had me in two minds – the shapes and designs I liked, the fabric I remain undecided on, but I think maybe the revelation that stripes and florals could be mixed earlier in the show, might have been enough for my brain before we encounter … wait for it… red and pink! Even writing it I feel is bad, I feel like its a navy and black thing or a black and brown thing maybe a just don’t do it – not sure – let me know what you think lol (I know my picky matchy matchy ways amuse many!)

I would have loved this to have been in the red and white not the other combination lol the skirt detail and shape is fabulous

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  • Katrina Wilson
    January 24, 2016

    Thank you for writing such a lovely review on my collection! Glad you enjoyed the show!!

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