Fabletics Gym Wear from Kate Hudson

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Images from Fabletics.co.uk

A few months ago when my training for Tough Mudder was ramping up (and I was fed up with washing gym gear constantly!) I decided to invest in a new gym outfit.

Last time I  bought gym gear it was a pair of leggings and a two set of vests from Tesco!  To be fair they lasted a while – 6 weeks of assault course training and the washing afterwards and a 10.8 mile Tough Mudder and 3 x washes after that – unfortunately a week or so after Tough Mudder they had worn a bit thin and I was flashing my bum so they went in the bin! The two set of vests, I still wear regularly (even the one that was wore for Tough Mudder and washed 3 times in a row!).  They came to about £20, and so, (thanks to ads on facebook!) I thought I would have a look at the Fabletics stuff if i could get a cute outfit for £22.

Fabletics is an active wear brand from Kate Hudson, it is a member / subscription service so if you can’t remember to login and “skip a month” when they send you a selection be careful!

I absolutely loved the site and the selection straight away, my plan was to subscribe for a month or so and then leave, however, when I received the items (especially the leggings) I changed my mind.  The quality and the material of them is really very good.  I use them twice a week for a run and an insanity class so they are well used and well washed – the colour and shape remain in tact and they feel really good to wear.  The designs of the tops are really fashion forward and very, very well styled I have had several comments on them and my first outfit was cheap enough to be able to afford.

When you see the advertisements it is FROM £22 and that is only the first outfit.  I have skipped every month after that although do plan on making another purchase when I need to.  I am trying to weigh up if the 2/3 piece outfits are better value for money than buying separates as and when I need.  If I had the money my whole selection of gym wear would be this stuff.

My first outfit consisted of:

fullsize gymTaylor Tank (I recommend getting a small size as all of the cut out detailing at the back make it very baggy and certainly this isn’t a top I could wear for assault courses!)

Salar Capri These are amazing and I highly recommend them – gorgeous material and great fit – they come in a huge range of choices too!

Sevan Sports Bra II Really nice design I love the back, it gets tonnes of comments especially with the Taylor Tank over the top allowing you to see it.  It doesn’t offer sport bra support so if you are bigger busted or doing intense activities don’t use this one or maybe use it as a crop over the top!

Next thing I must buy are the Rhodes Crop leggings in black and white – I love the design of them they remind me of my old Stella Mccartney Adidas leggings that lasted me such a long time!

Pop over and have a look and if you are looking for some gym wear for the first outfit it may be worth it.  What do you think of the designs? – if you buy gym wear regularly where do you shop?


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