How I Started My Blog Redesign


I thought I would share how I went about my redesigning my blog and the process I followed. Hopefully it will help you if you are redesigning or updating your site and maybe point you in the direction of some interesting and informative sites to help you.

Moving from Style Me Up to I wanted to do a number of things.

  • Expand the genre of my blog
  • Dramatically update the design of my site
  • Be more personal and engage with my readers

I started with a black piece of paper and wrote down a few ideas.

  • Categories / headings that I would have in my blog structure and a few lines of what that would include
  • Themes – as I use a self-hosted blog I use a theme – this means I can use a fab up to date trendy site design and I don’t need to pay for a web designer or hassle my brother!  I googled a selection of things like free wordpress themes, fashion themes, lifestyle themes and feminine themes and wrote down a list of the ones that caught my eye
  • Future proofing – I wrote a few notes about the future of my blog as to what I might look to doing.  I wanted a theme and style that accommodated that as well as my existing requirements
  • Name – this was the hardest thing ever with Style Me Up and I am rubbish at it.  I have to say since then I have often thought why do I have that name.   For that blog I came up with about 10 narrowed it down to 3 or 4 and then asked as many people as I could.  This time I wrote down my thoughts to see if inspiration hit me.
  1. Am I building a brand / platform? It needs to be recognisable and useable for any topic
  2. I’m potentially using it for earning
  3. Possibility of eBook – personal my story
  4. Needs to be able to have social media channels linked to it (consider especially Instagram it has annoyed me not having a blog Instagram but it is a lot of effort to constantly log out of it and login as a different user – do I link it to personal instagram?)
  5. What will I write about (see categories) – match name to writing style and theme
  • Considerations – these were, I guess, a lessons learned, or suggestions from my experience.  I am very conscious my images on Style Me Up were not up to scratch.  When Lizzie was alive I used great photographs.  I do have an iStock account but have never used it.  In this day and age with iPhone cameras and the world of the internet there is no excuse, I should consider a standard template or layout and make sure all images conform to that.  I am also none technical and so need to consider a course in HTML and / or WordPress.  Having margin in the way of time and money from my exit package would allow me to do this type of thing and invest in blogging properly.

Once I was finished with this I had settled almost instantly on my categories and my site / blog name I needed to get the them and hosting of it arranged.

Do you have a blog?

How did you come up with the name for it?

Was your thinking similar?

Is there anything you would do differently if you did it again?

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