Kiko Cosmetics – Open in Eldon Square

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I first became aware of Kiko on a trip to Rome some friends were rather excited to show me the store and selection.  I could see why they were impressed as soon as I walked in.  I loved the layout and style of the store – white and bright with a huge range of colours in everything imaginable.  I purchased an eyeliner and mascara in matching blue, they lasted so well and I loved the look, basically using a white shimmer shadow and the liner and mascara.

Not so long ago I realised you were able to order online at but being honest it didn’t suit me even with having lots of windows open at a time I was never going to be so sure of the colours being the exact match that I wanted them to be especially with often such a wide range of choice!

I was really pleased to hear they were opening up in Eldon Square and as soon as I found out they were open I popped down to pay a visit.

The store in Eldon Square is the same as the one in Rome (I imagine all are pretty standard).  As you can see from the pictures above you will have a hard job choosing what you want if you don’t have anything specific in mind.  That won’t matter too much as some of the reduced priced items are ridiculously cheap and you could afford a little treat, but if it’s a day you need to be sensible with money, only look at what you want to buy and avoid everything else as it would be very easy to go completely overboard!

The full price items are reasonable a mascara about £7 and foundations approximately £11.  I can speak about the mascara I absolutely love it, one thing Kiko do very well with their brand is the pigmentation of their products the bright coloured eye makeup is stand out, some of the blushes we tested were really good for that too – if it’s the look you’re after.

The reduced price stock was unbelievable – eye shadows £1.40 and there was a huge selection to choose from, gel pen liners from the “Miami” range were £3.40 and nail polish, again a huge selection – £2.50 a bottle.

I wanted a green mascara to try and maybe a white shadow.

I came away with a green mascara, green eye liner pencil, green eye liner pen and a white shimmer shadow! I have plenty in mind for my next trip too! All in all my swag cost £13.80! seriously two liners, a shadow and a mascara for less than £15 I am super impressed.

With the purchase was a little pink card about their app and loyalty scheme so I will be signing up to that when I get a spare few minutes.

I went straight ahead and wore the new colours for church the next day.  The look is simple and really quick which is what I need on a Sunday.  After foundation, bronzer and blush I line the lids with the pencil liner – cover them with the white shimmer, blending in the liner – reline slightly and then use the mascara.

In Rome they had said to use black mascara as a base and then use the blue on the tips – I didn’t do that with the blue and wear it often and always get comments if people notice.  I didn’t do that with the green mascara yesterday but I will do in future just to see if it makes it a more vivid colour.

If you haven’t heard of Kiko I suggest having a browse and if there’s a store near you definitely go in and have a try of the products, there are tissues and pads all over and bins which makes trying the colours very convenient.

Anyone familiar with Kiko?  What are your favourite purchases – if you have tried any of their foundation please let me know, I’m still in my stonking huff with Benefit for discontinuing my fave but I need to start looking for a new one so I may turn to Kiko!


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