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Since chopping of my long hair and going pixie – I started using Label M products – I now have more than enough cluttering up my bathroom and would recommend their Sea Salt Spray to everyone!

I love their collaborations and offers where you buy two products.  I missed out last year on their scarf and this summer got the free sunnies (although nothing beats the first set of sunnies the year prior, I wear them all of the time they totally suit my face shape and they’re pink!)

This year I managed to get the scarf and I love the design on it (pics below) you can get the deal at Toni & Guy salons although check stocks before you buy two products.  You can also go online but I think online you need to buy 3 products and again check the offer is still on.

If you want product recommendations I would definitely recommend the Sea Salt spray for texture / shaggy cropped hair or for beachy waves in longer hair.  The texturising volume spray is great (and comes in brunette formula too) its a little bit like dry shampoo and resurrection dust / VO5 oomph powder in a can.  Just spray ruffle your hair and go it adds volume and texture and has a little bit of a setting formula to it.   Hairspray speaks for its self although it is the only thing I use that I’m not fussy about it being Label M I already have enough of all the other things so I bought hairspray as my second product.


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