Life Planners for 2016

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I have already shared about last years purposeful planner along with some pics.  Well here we are again – that time of year when I want to start looking for next years!  I already follow Corie Clarke on Instagram so am aware her pre-orders for 2016 products started 19th October.  Since last years purchase I have seen lots of planners along similar lines and although I am pretty sure I will be purchasing a purposeful planner again I want to have a look at some of these others.  In looking around I noticed how many of these are from overseas (USA mainly) and so can’t be shipped in a day or two, so take that into account if you are thinking of any of the,.

So if you are wanting to be better organised, plan better or start having better time management that’s one thing – these planners are more than that, they are not just a diary or filo fax.  They cover other aspects of your life including your bucket list and tracking health, they are for people wanting to be intentional and strategic about every aspect of their life.

Horacio Printing 2016 Planner

horacio planner

I saw this on Instagram too (let me tell you an incredible marketing tool the amount of things I see then buy!) I love the front it is a well known quote from Brian Houston, and I love the gold on black.

This isn’t a daily planner the way my purposeful planner is but it does cover prayer, praise reports and intentional generosity.  The art work / design inside I love, and what I didn’t know that is really cool, is that 10% of the profit  goes to one of the causes I support – The A21 Campaign.

Daily Greatness Planners – sponsored posts on Facebook sent me to this site and the brightly coloured designs are certainly attention grabbing!  There are lots of different planners on this site so you can be a little more specific about what you need your planner for.  You can also buy then in group bundles should the cash be available.  This has pro’s and cons, firstly being specific is good and helps you target that one area, for example there is a Business Planner if I was starting a business or in the early stages of it I would certainly be looking at this.

  • – Week-to-a-View Planner
  • – One Page Business Plan
  • – Business Vision Planner
  • – Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new) 
  • – Social Media Content Planner (new)
  • – Comprehensive Goal Planning System
  • – Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins
  • – 90 Day Business Challenges
  • – Weekly Priority Planners
  • – Weekly Action Planners
  • – Inspirational Quotes
  • – Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
  • – Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets

There is a 12 week training journal which did arouse my curiosity in light of next years Tough Mudder and potential 3 Peaks Challenge and there is a Yoga journal too “combining a yearly diary, goal and appointment planner, and daily tools for self-mastery” (if your into that!)

daily greatness journalFor me I’m not needing something specific I’m looking for an all rounder, every aspect of my life in one place.  For that I would turn to the original daily greatness journal. It has my day view and goal planning and also a gratitude journal.

The great thing about most of these planners and journals is that they are undated so you can start anytime – no more of these excuses – I’ll wait for my new year resolution or when I get my new planner! – Purchase and start anytime!

Passion Planner These look slightly smaller in size and less weight but a similar premise to all of them.  I really like that they have a motivational quote with a matching challenge to encourage you translate those words into positive action and they have a dual personal and work to do list, organized by priority to encourage personal and work life balance.  There are two size options and they are a significantly cheaper price point that most of the other planners at $29.99 and $24.99.

Kikki.K Planners This site seems to be Australian but you can view things in UK prices to make it a little easier – I imagine shipping is a little costly so watch out for that.  There are several designs and colours and three sizes in each so a lot of choice.  Pastel colours are the go at the moment it seems and the mint, peach and iced blue options grab the eye!


These are more like the traditional filo-fax stile planners to be honest with only small amount of space for each day so not really a life planner – aesthetic wise though if you are after a cure planner / diary without the other “life planning” stuff these would be a good consideration.  My favourite would be the watermelon “Live What You Love” planner.

Purposeful Planner – I’ve already shared my 2015 purposeful planner and pre-orders for the 2016 planners started 19th October.  I was already a little excited after seeing a leatherette version on Instagram and the pre-order email arrived and the products did not disappoint! Alas, as much as I am leaving my job, I don’t have an office or a desk, or even a study or space to put one in my house so some things I wont be able to purchase for myself.

purposeful planner leatherette

That does not detract from this range – weekly and daily versions – spiral bound (in two designs) or leatherette with even a mans version thrown into the mix!

purposeful planner

The design of the pages seem the same along with the size, I imagine its easier to carry the leatherette version around I had some difficulty with last years in one or two of my bags lol.   I still definitely think this one is my favourite, it’s as though the others have tried to attain and haven’t quite got there!  You need to be OK with the size of it but its well worth a visit and maybe combine shipping with your friends too as it comes from the states – that said mine last year didn’t even take two weeks to arrive and that was in December!  to do desk pad

This year creator Corie Clark has launched some fab office accessories to go along side too so check out the magazine box files and desk pads too! file boxI will post pics and a my crazy day desk padquick post when my new planner arrives!!!





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