Lizzie Jobes 1990-2011

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For those of you new to me and my blog, and who didn’t catch my post on Three and a half heartbeats today is my birthday and it is also the fourth anniversary of my little sisters death.

I haven’t figured out the marvelous world of redirects and how to transfer from my old blog to my new blog but as a lot of you are new readers or new friends who may not have knew Lizzie (or me) at the time.  I want a page in future for Lizzie on this blog, but rather than it being these posts, I would rather it be sharing beautiful things like her photography, that said, I didn’t want today to go by unmarked and wanted to give you the opportunity to read through some of the posts I made in those early days.  I would be honoured for you to share in those and read about Lizzie if you haven’t already.  Surviving and moving forward from this has been a huge part of mine and my families journey and testimony.

There are three main posts I will link to (over on my old blog)

The first is a post a few weeks after Lizzie’s death, I share about her death and about the memorial service we held.  I share lots of special links in it to blog posts or articles and also video’s as well.

Lizzie’s legacy

The second post is about the funeral and includes a link to my brothers speech and my speech from the day.

Lizzie’s Funeral

The final post was a post I wrote six months after, I talk a little about what has gone on and what I have learned and share some images.

Lizzie – Six Months on

Today I cant believe it has been four years sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it feels like decades.  I am still eternally grateful for everyone in my life at that time and now.

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  • Eliza
    October 28, 2015

    This is soo beautiful Rache. You are a strong mighty woman of God, and the Lord will continue using your pain to help others who are going through loss. The Jobes family are constantly teaching me, when grieving, to look above, to our creator, our Heavenly Father, who is the creator of life. Love you much sweet friend! And happy birthday!!

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