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So after giving up my job I appear to have headed into the marvellous territory that is – being a lady who lunches! Don’t get me wrong I’m not out every day having afternoon tea in Jesmond Dene or a steak in Marco Pierre White, but, I do often find myself eating out somewhere in Newcastle.

I just want to blog about a couple of my favourites because a) I love them b) I want you all to go there c) they’re delicious and d) they’re healthy too!!!

My first LTL (Ladies That Lunch) post is dedicated to Love Lunch Deli.

Located in Arch 19 opposite the self storage units behind the Centre For Life. Love Lunch is a small unit serving clean or healthy food, made on the premises by what has to be the friendliest team.

The layout is simple – food and welcome are great.

In days gone by in my office job I would be tucking into curry, rice and chips from a van while the HR team would be chowing down on amazing salads from Love Lunch. It wasn’t until recently a friend who is training (and being incredibly healthy) introduced me to them.

I absolutely love it and often go weekly if not two or three times a week.

The menu has various bits and bobs to offer including sandwiches and make your own salads which I’m determined to try – there are a few staples that I will introduce you to below.

Fajita Egg Wrap – these are delicious they come is chicken or steak and the wrap isn’t a tortilla wrap it’s made out of eggs, I guess you’d call it an egg pancake or thin egg omelette.  The chicken, I think is my favourite it’s low in carbs and great for protein too (so my friend tells me!) 

Chicken, Avacodo salad – a few of my friends have had this and it certainly seems like a favourite.  It comes with feta, walnuts and sweet potato and if you don’t like the Avacodo you can swap it for something else like the roasted veg.

Cumin Chicken – I’ve had this three or four times and absolutely love it.  It comes with veg or kale but the best bit has to be those Rosemary potatoes with onions and peppers.  Served warm it’s great but I imagine it would be just as delicious cold.

Another favourite, which unfortunately I don’t have a pic of (probably ate it too fast) is the almond crunch chicken with rainbow quinoa! The quinoa has peppers and I think cranberry or pomegranate in as well, that’s also served with sweet potato.

Love lunch is definitely worth a visit Danni and her team are really friendly they would love to say hello and the food is such a reasonable price for a healthy home cooked lunch price point is about £5/6.

Highly recommended!!!

Visit their Facebook page here 

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