LTL:- The Lofthouse Deli

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So a friend introduced me to another deli the other week – low price and healthy food and the staff were so friendly.  I was really impressed with their extensive menu so thought it was time for another Ladies That Lunch post!

The Lofthouse Deli is on Stanhope Road in South Shields (the end right near Chi Metro so it’s really convenient).  We got take out the day we went but there are a few seats available.

 The staff were really friendly and the menu was quite large it took my friends and I ages to decide what to get – I had been recommended the ciabatta’s and hot boxes.

 Hot boxes are all served with spinach and come with a choice of brown rice, sweet potato noodles or courgette noodles if you ask nicely they will let you do half and half too!

My order was the Mexican meatballs with brown rice and sweet potato noodles and a friend after much too’ing and frowing went for the Chicken and pest with tomato and spinach sandwich.

Mine was delicious although slightly spicy I enjoyed it and my friends sandwich was really nice I had a taste and the flavours were so fresh.

The Italian marinara chicken is apparently amazing so next time i may try that but I quite fancy the Brown rice, chicken, peppers, onions, broccoli and spinach so we will have to see next time I go.

 The prices are really cheap and the portion sizes are ideal my hot box was only £4.50 so it is definitely worth visiting.


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