Luxemme Alayna Two Piece – Two Ways

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Introducing and their Alayna Two Piece!

Luxemme “takes its inspiration from classic French- Parisian fashion, as well as authentic Manchester street style”.  They are really good priced products and look different to the usual you would find on the high street.  I am set to pick up my second outfit from the post office as we speak!

Their Limited Edition range is running out so definitely pop over there and have a look.  It was quite a hard choice to choose which outfit I wanted.  I love the Olivie lace two piece but don’t know if I can get away with it without a tan so I decided on the Alayna two piece.  I picked it up Saturday from the post office (biggest problem having an apartment – small letter box I never get any parcels delivered :() it was packaged beautifully.


My master plan was to do two looks and wear this out and actually get “real life” pictures in a bar or shopping mall! I’ve changed my mind as this week has seen torrential rain and me putting my heating back on (August in Newcastle ladies and gentlemen!!!) I wast going to wait too long to post as I’m completely excited about my second Luxemme outfit and need to show you that soon!!!

As such I have still styled two styles but the pics are from my house lol I styled them using things I already own but you can get the idea.

The first look is a casual day look teaming the two piece with a denim jacket, flat tan boots and an over sized slouchy bag.


I loved this look the best (although could do with a tan and a six pack!) I never wear things this short without tights but for some reason didn’t mind the length, or even that my tattoo was on show.  I would wear a lighter colour denim with 3/4 length sleeves ideally but the boots were an ideal match (so much so I tried the boots on with jeans and the top by itself)

For transitioning into an evening look I lost the jacket (us geordies never wear coats!) and teamed it with a small bag (I should defo use this one more often it’s a Miss Sixty one I used to love!) I thought of a few different shoes with it and still wasn’t entirely sure of my choice!  Ideally I think I would wear long suede boots (this is my justification for buying a killer pair in the winter starting!) maybe because some of the Luxemme images have that or because I thought the flat boots from my day look went so well!  As such my choice was a pair of cream killer platform sandals in patent or a healed pair of toe less boots.  I choose the boots I liked the lace, zip and peep toe detailing and felt it contrasted well with the outfit.


I think I might do a mix and match post at some point as the shorts would look amazing with a little white vest and pumps and the top went well with jeans too.

Visit Luxemme here and if you use the code “rachej” at the checkout you will receive 10% off as a reader.

I’d love to hear how you would style the outfit (if you would like to justify me getting long suede boots in the winter that would be good too!!!)

If you buy anything from Luxemme drop me a comment below and let me know what you get – ( PS the Marchelle crop top jumpsuit is getting low in stock so I’m glad I’ve got mine!!!)

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