My 2015 Purposeful Planner

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You probably already know I have a penchant for journals so it may not surprise you that I have also had my fair share of diaries, planners and filo-faxes!

Last year I learned quite a lot about myself, I was on a journey trying to make changes to myself and my lifestyle.  I had come to the realisation that more times than not, when I failed or didn’t get an outcome  I wanted  it wasn’t about skill or ability it was about discipline! Plain and simply consistent habits, self control and sticking at things even when its hard!

I lead a busy life and balance things quite well I feel.  My phone and calendar is always in my hand.  I have went through having a work diary and a personal one, using a paper diary for life and only online at work and many different iterations of planning my time.

While discovering all of this about myself and deciding on the various habits and goals I wanted for 2015 I came across The Purposeful Planner.  A friend Instagrammed a pic and I had to have it.  I ordered it straight away.

Some of the habits I wanted to develop were around exercise, healthy eating and drinking water.  I pray daily and love the idea of trying to be grateful / thankful every day.  I own my own home and wanted to change the fact that I rarely tidy and rarely cook.

This planner fitted perfectly with my lifestyle and the things I wanted to develop.  I knew it was larger in size than I would like but the aesthetic of it made up for that.  I knew it would be a discipline to complete it and constantly fill it in and that was something I really wanted to encourage myself to do.  I honestly think discipline and consistency seep into other areas of our lives, once we practice it and develop it in one area it is something that grows and becomes a quality.

Below are pictures of my Purposeful Planner form 2015 I ordered it from the states, it came beautifully wrapped and is gorgeous – I know other friends then ordered it as well.

I was distraught starting 2015 unwell when I had so many entries in my days, I wanted to be doing the things in my planner and updating my planner!  Confession time the planning slide slipped mid way through the year, however … I am still achieving healthier eating, regular exercise and until recently was having 5 glasses of water a day! 

I am now on a mission to start finding my planner for 2016, in a month I leave my job and for the first time since I was 17 will not be employed – it’s a scary / exciting season which will involve me volunteering and doing some training and generally filling my time very differently!  More about the 2016 planners later!!!

The day it arrived!


My customisations!


So you can understand my excitement here’s a screengrab of the daily page …


I’m loving the planner and do think it’s ideal for 2016 but I am going to look around and see what similar things are on offer! 

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